Introduction to Project

Continued and increasing demand for rentals at the present building confirm need for this redevelopment project to accommodate new and more efficient rental apartments in a phase 1 building. The existing 80 unit building will stay in place and eventually be replaced with a phase 2 building comprising 140 units.

The Committee of the Whole meeting at Saanich has been confirmed for March 14, 2016

The site has been providing affordable seniors housing for over 40 years. It was always envisioned that the property would redevelop to provide additional seniors affordable housing. Plans are for the present 80 rental units to grow to 180 units after phase 1 completion and to 240 units after phase 2 completion, which is expected to be within 10-30 years.

The mandate of the non-profit Society owning this property is provision of affordable rentals. Seniors are required to meet age and income requirements.